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Jonas Brothers

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8th May 2007

priscillaf3:33pm: Jonas, Jonas, Jonas, Jonas
the Jonas Brothers have released some information today.

and it all has to do with the Disney Channel.

Hannah Montana, Music Video AND TV Show?

Jonas Brothers Take Over Disney ChannelCollapse )

4th May 2007

priscillaf6:05pm: wallpapers and icons
With the wonderful new photoshoot for Hollywood Records, i had to make something

these are my FIRST EVER wallpapers, so please be nice!

Sample Wallpaper:

Sample Icons:
001 002 003

Jonas Brothers Wallpapers and Icons hereCollapse )
priscillaf2:44pm: Fanclub NOW OPEN!
Hey everybody!

With the release of the Jonas Brothers self titles, sophomore album coming out soon, i promise to update this more often!


make sure to join!

also, i will be posting some wallpapers, and icons i have made later today!

3rd May 2007

priscillaf3:49pm: Jonas Brothers icons
I made some Jonas Brothers icons.

48 Icons.

001 002 003

More HereCollapse )

6th April 2007

texasfan084:57pm: jonas icons!
I was bored so I decided to make some icons. They're not the best though. 

There's only a couple of them. Please comment and credit if you take any. Thanks! =)

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.

6.  7.  8.

21st March 2007

applelipgl0ss5:39pm: Year 3000 Vid
Whoever have Time Warner Cable, if you go on channel one --> click on music or entertainment, i forgot ---> music choice, & scroll down to Jonas Brothers Year 3000 selection, you can watch it for free!

5th March 2007

applelipgl0ss5:58pm: kids of the future video
new jobros vid!

Come on, be more active! The boys are coming back with new stuff! I don't wanna see another fan community be inactive :[ We should promote this community, have more fans (members). show support of the band!

I know there's nothing to report .. but still. It'd be nice if it was active.

Speaking of .. according to poptastic, the brothers have an album out due in the summer! They (poptastic) also have a download for the song of that video above .. I will edit this post with the download link if that one gets expired or something. Thank you poptastic for the downloadable link.

edit: download link: kids of the future

I don;t know if this is appropriate .. so, sorry if i wasnt supposed to give out the song.
Current Mood: cheerful

22nd February 2007

priscillaf4:33pm: March
March is going to be huge for the Jonas Brothers!

Next month, the "Meet the Robinsons" soundtrack comes out! Their new song "Kids of The Future" will be on it.
in addition, their music video for th song will be premireing on the Disney Channel.
Everyone needs to vote for their song on Radio Disney!

Also in March, "Disneymania 5" comes out!
The boys will be covering, "I wanna Be Like You" from the Jungle Book!

supkaitrooney12:36am: Hey, I was wondering if anyone could upload the Jonas Brothers album in mp3 format to sendspace for me?

I've checked a few downloading groups, but none seem to have it. So I figured I'd come right to a jobros source C:

31st January 2007

priscillaf2:46pm: Yay for Jonas!
Sorry for not making any updates.
i think we have like 3 members, so feel free to post the community places =]

the Jonas Brothers were signed to Hollywood Records and are working on a new cd! It is set to drop August 7th (their first cd dropped aug 8th of last year!)

They are getting huge in magazines! its so cool. they are going to have their own advice column in M Magazine! 

This community is pretty much for everything Jonas related (fanart, videos, fanfiction, News stories you find, articles ect)

have fun!

22nd December 2006

priscillaf5:47pm: It's A Brother Thing!
Hey Everyone! i made some icons and i thought i would share! Happy Holidays! 
[7] Sprouse [43] Jonas 


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